NH’s Great North Woods

Fourth Connecticut Lake Trail SignIf you love the great outdoors, Pittsburg NH is for you!

Pittsburg is the largest town in the continental US with more than 200,000 acres of mountains, valleys, lakes and streams. To our north and west lies Canada; an easy day trip to see the sights and take advantage of a favorable exchange rate. To our east lies the western mountains of Maine and the small towns of Eustis and Rangeley.

Pittsburg’s Connecticut Lakes are a chain of pristine lakes that are largely undeveloped yet perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing.

Wildlife is often the highlight for many visitors. Moose are commonly found along Rte 3 north of First Connecticut Lake. On summer evenings, cars line up along Rte 3 to view the numerous moose who come out along the roadside to ‘people watch’. Large whitetail deer are also seen along the roadside though they are not as interested in ‘people watching’ as the moose are.

There are a few hiking trails in the North Woods. Garfield Falls, Magalloway Mountain, and the trail into Fourth Connecticut Lake. Some of the land here in the North Woods is set aside as Natural Areas and owned either by the State of New Hampshire, The Nature Conservancy, or the Society for the Protection of NH’s Forests. Most of the land, however, is owned by timber companies who leave their land open for the public’s use.

Pittsburg is also unique in that at one time, Pittsburg was not part of the United States or Canada. It was the Indian Stream Republic with it’s own tiny government and currency.

Come visit us for a unique North Woods vacation!