Bird Watching

Pittsburg NH is a nature lovers paradise and bird watching is a favorite past-time. Species you’ll likely see include: eagles, osprey, loons, olive-sided flycatchers, purple finches, Eagle in Tree Bird Watching Pittsburg NHblackpoll, warblers, thrushes, redstarts and ruby-crowned kinglets. In nearby Scott Bog and Coon Brook Bog you can also view great blue herons, bitterns and snipes. 

Birding Tips for New Hampshire’s Boreal Specialties -NH Audobon Society

Classic boreal species (Gray Jays, Boreal Chickadees, Black-backed Woodpeckers, and Spruce Grouse) are found in spruce-fir habitat and may be seen in the Pittsburg area as well as the higher elevations of the White Mountain National Forest. These are some of your best bets for finding these species. In Pittsburg, check Coon Brook Bog, East Inlet, and Scott Bog area as well as Moose Falls and Deer Mountain.

Checklist of birds of the Connecticut Lakes Region