Fourth Connecticut Lake

Headwaters of the Connecticut River

Fourth-Connecticut-Lake-SignHigh in the mountains of northern New Hampshire, rises the Connecticut River. The source of the mighty river is a small, spring fed bog known as Fourth Connecticut Lake. “Lake” is definitely a misnomer, but this is the headwaters to the river and chain of lakes that make up the largest river in New England, the Connecticut River. The Nature Conservancy protects the tract of land around the small pond and maintains a walking path that leads from the US customs station along Rte 3 in Pittsburg into the site.

Directions from Lopstick

To get there, drive north on Rte 3 to the US customs. Park in the parking lot across the road from customs and take the trail behind the border house. The trail is steep in places and follows the international boundary at times. A neat way to spend an afternoon. Walk time; 1 hour.