Star Gazing

The lack of nearby cities or other sources of light pollution as well as our clear air make Lopstick an ideal place to look at the stars. Come join our own Jim Grittner every Saturday evening during the summer season, weather permitting, for a tour of the heavens. Meet at 10:05 at the field near the road to Loon Call Cabin. If you have them, bring a pair of binoculars and a flashlight, although neither is necessary. This presentation lasts about 40 minutes, followed by a question and answer session.

Among the objects we will look at are the summer triangle, the Big and Little Dippers, the constellations of the Zodiac, and the Milky Way. At various times during the summer, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus will be visible. Look into the center of our own galaxy, and gaze at the Andromeda galaxy, the furthest object you can see with the unaided eye. Later in the summer we may be able to catch a glimpse of comet ISON as it races toward the sun. Mid August brings the Perseid meteor shower though stray meteors are visible all through the year. While you are looking skyward, you may very well hear the sounds of the wilderness, the call of a loon or the howl of a coyote in the distance. Fireflies may provide additional viewing excitement.

Your guide, Jim Grittner, is an high school mathematics teacher at nearby Canaan High School, and part time front desk and reservations clerk for Lopstick. He has been a resident of the North Country for over 30 years. In the late 60’s and early 70’s, he was in the US Navy and learned to navigate by the stars. It is from this experience that he gained his fascination with the celestial sky. He has been an amateur astronomer ever since.
Star Gazing at Lopstick Pittsburg NH