Visit Quebec

Eastern Townships in Quebec, Canada

Just over the US/Canadian border in Pittsburg lies Chartierville, Quebec. There are numerous spots to visit in an easy day trip. The exchange rate is often very favorable.Visit-Quebec

After passing through customs, the scenery is quite dramatic. Rolling farmlands go as far as the eye can see. The Megantic mountain range is in the distance, features an observatory the Megantic peak, an auto road to the summit of Mont St Joseph, and a base information area on the geology of the range and information on visiting the observatory. Unfortunately, most of the info at the base center is in French, but the attendants do speak some English and it is a worth the trip.

At the bottom of the hill in the photo is ‘Magnetic Hill‘. Turn around and face south (to the US), put your car in neutral, and be pulled up hill. Fun and great scenery. The Canadian border is 13 miles north of the lodge on Rte 3.

Be sure to bring your passport or passcard to gain entry into Canada.