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How Outdoors’ People Can Protect Mother Nature

As people who enjoy the outdoors, it’s important for us to take care of the wilderness and waterways we love. The beauty and popularity of Pittsburg shows how valuable and rewarding it is to protect wild places. Here are a few steps outdoors’ people can take to protect the environment we love so much. Buy [...]

Check Out These Pre-Season Specials at Lopstick Outfitters

If you’re like us, you just can’t wait for the snow to melt and the spring fishing season to arrive. In the meantime,  it’s a good time to look over your gear and see what might need updating or replacing this year.  Luckily, Tom Zemianek, who runs our Lopstick Outfitters shop, has got a few [...]


There may still be snow cover on the ground, and ice covering many of our lakes and ponds, but the approach of spring means it’s time to start thinking about... fishing! Fly Tying Video Our Bill Bernhardt shows you how to tie a Soft Hackle Streamer, a useful fly here in the Great North Woods. Upcoming [...]


Everybody has their own idea of when winter is over and spring really begins. For some, it’s when the Red Sox and all those other guys start tossing baseballs around down in Florida. For others, its when the first crocuses poke their heads above the snow cover. Or when the loons return to our local [...]


It never gets old!  Before the last of the snow melts, check out this great video shot on some of the trails around Lopstick here in Pittsburg. There’s still time to save on one of our Ride & Stay Snowmobiling Packages. Explore the Great North Woods of Northern New Hampshire! Choose a cozy cabin for [...]

Spring is Coming

For those who want to cling to their frozen memories of the winter of 2017, we’ve got some great snowmobiling videos, that were taken over the last few months. As you ponder through the great memories, remember to make a little note about reserving your favorite cabin next season! As snowmobile season comes to a [...]

Learn to Fly Fish This Year

Few things in this world are more enjoyable than a day of fly fishing. There’s something wonderful about spending time in nature, listening to the sounds of a rippling river, enjoying the graceful, rhythmic movement of casting a fly line, and the excitement of landing a beautiful fish. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to [...]

Reasons to Love Mud Season

When you think of early spring in northern New England, you might think “Mud Season.” If so, you’re like a lot of people who view the often cool, damp, muddy days between the end of winter and the warmth of late spring as a time of year best spent indoors. But smart outdoors people know [...]

Lopstick Holds Winter Photo Contest

This winter we held a photo contest on Facebook and Instagram, which allowed guests to share their best photos from their winter trips to Lopstick. Apparently, we have a lot of talented photographers who visit us, as we had many wonderful contest entries. Some photos were funny, such as one photo of someone posing next [...]

Create the Perfect Romantic Getaway at Lopstick

If you want to do romance the right way, start by setting aside a few days or even one day to escape reality. It can be any time of year, not just February. We recommend the following ingredients to make a lasting impression: A cozy place away from it all, a fireplace, beautiful scenery and [...]