Reasons to Love Mud Season

When you think of early spring in northern New England, you might think “Mud Season.” If so, you’re like a lot of people who view the often cool, damp, muddy days between the end of winter and the warmth of late spring as a time of year best spent indoors. But smart outdoors people know [...]

February 11, 2017 Snowmobile Trail Report

Snowmobile Trail Report Pittsburg, NH, February 11, 2017

5 Reasons to Try Snowmobiling

If you’ve never tried snowmobiling, there’s a whole world of winter fun you’re missing out on. Whatever your reasons are for not snowmobiling, there are a ton of great reasons why you should give snowmobiling a try. Here are a few of them. It’s easy to learn. If you’re intimidated by the idea of operating [...]

Forward and Back

In Roman myth, the god Janus, from which we derive the name of the first month of the year, January, was depicted with two faces--one looking forward into the future, the other looking back at the past. Janus was considered the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings. Janus is an appropriate [...]

How to Stay Warm Outdoors in Winter

Things are a lot less fun when you’re cold. So whether you’re cold-weather hunting or out snowmobiling or cross-country skiing, if you can stay warm, you’ll be able to stay outdoors longer and have a more enjoyable time. Here are a few tips on how to stay warm when you’re spending time outdoors in winter. [...]

Snowshoeing Tips

If you love being outdoors in summer but choose to stay indoors all winter, you’re missing out. Many people think that winter is the best time to be outside, and with good reason. In winter, there’s no bugs, no oppressive heat, no crowds, and you are treated to a peaceful, beautiful wintry landscape. One of [...]

Pittsburg, NH: The Snowmobiling Capital of New England

Pittsburg is widely recognized as the snowmobile capital of New England, and for good reason. The area is home to more than 200 miles of snowmobile trails that are regularly groomed to perfection. These trails are part of a vast network connecting to other trails in Vermont, Maine and Quebec. Snowmobilers from around the globe [...]

Tips for Hiking During Hunting Season

The cool autumn air at this time of year makes for perfect hiking weather. But, in many areas, it’s also hunting season. Hunting and hiking might seem like conflicting interests. But there’s no reason both groups can’t share the wilderness at this time of year. It’s okay to enjoy a hike during hunting season. Just [...]

Enjoy Autumn at Lopstick Lodge

Autumn is a special time of year here in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, when there is so much to enjoy at The Cabins at Lopstick that is completely unique to this season. The fall foliage is still beautiful in the surrounding forest, with the trees stubbornly clinging to gold, red and orange leaves. As October moves [...]

Lopstick Episode – On The Water

On The Water TV Features Lopstick Full Episode, Watch it Here Last September, On The Water TV went on a fly fishing trip with Lopstick Outfitters. They headed north to Pittsburg, New Hampshire to target landlocked salmon and trout on the fly rod along the headwaters of the mighty Connecticut River. Great fishing, great fun and [...]