First Connecticut Lake

Spanning over 2800 acres with depths over 160′ is NH’s 5th largest lake, First Connecticut Lake. Home to lake trout and landlocked salmon, this beautiful lake draws anglers every year after ice-out in hopes of catching a trophy fish. Its undeveloped shoreline combined with rugged mountain vistas make First Connecticut Lake a favorite destination. There are three public boat launches on First Lake. One by the dam; a good bet for larger boats, another across from the Cabins at Lopstick and a third at the end of Camp Otter Rd. The dam at First Lake is a ‘tailwater’ dam meaning its discharged water comes from a depth in the lake keeping river water cool all summer and providing excellent trout habitat.First Connecticut Lake Map Pittsburg NH

Fishing season opens on the lake April 1 and extends to September 30th. Ice fishing season is January 1 until March 31st.

Daily limits: Lake trout, 2 fish over 18″. Daily bag limit for lake trout and salmon is 2 fish (2 lake trout, two salmon, or 1 of each) Salmon, 2 fish over 15″ Trout, open water, 5 fish or five pounds whichever is reached first. Through the ice, 2 fish. No length limit.

There is a well kept beach and picnic area near the dam. A great spot on a summer’s day!

Click here for a map of First Connecticut Lake