Pike Fishing in New Hampshire

Catch HUGE Pike on a Fly

Try Pike Fishing on the Connecticut River with our fly fishing guides! Spend the day with Bill Bernhardt or Greg Inglis on the lower Connecticut River and fly fish for pike. Recently, I asked Bill Bernhardt about fly fishing for pike. Here’s what he said…

The typical day of Pike fishing often will start at the lodge, we like to set out at our regular time of 7 a.m. or if the guest requests a particular time that is fine with us. At that point we have a nice comfortable ride down to the reservoir about 1 hr 20 mins. Also it is just over 2 hrs from Boston. Our guest will travel with us, so there is no need for a shuttle vehicle.

We will launch the boat from one of the many public boat launch’s depending on water levels, weather conditions and best fishing locations. Some days we may not travel too far from the launch and other days we may run all over the reservoir.

We will set out aboard a very comfortable, nicely equipped 17 ft Bass Tracker, which is a fantastic fly fishing platform. 7 to 9 weight rods are adequate but 8’s and 9’s are ideal. We will have plenty of flies, drinks and food. The boat can handle up to three anglers, which for a full day can be perfect; that way there are two anglers fishing and one resting.

Our day will be spent mostly casting large streamers ( 6 to 9 inch) to structure, drop offs, and in bays of a very beautiful and undeveloped reservoir. ” Literally there are no houses on this body of water”. The fishing is often considered more like hunting than it is fishing, it will keep you on the edge the whole time. You never now where your next strike will come from, you will always have to stay on guard in anticipation of the very aggressive and often explosive strikes. It’s an exciting way to fish.

Our average fish can range from 26 to 36 inch’s and often fish over 40 inches. They are wild hard pulling, rod bending fish. The largest we’ve boated so far was 46 inches and approximately 20 lbs. The larger fish generally come in the spring and the fall, with the heaviest fish coming in late fall. Our season can run from late April to early November.

It’s a great way to spend the day and if you’re not smiling and tired at the end of the day, we didn’t do it right…

Lopstick Outfitters, an ORVIS endorsed fly fishing outfitter, guides fly anglers for pike on the Connecticut River. When trout season is closed, continue the fishing fun by fly fishing for huge pike.

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