Third Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg NH

Third Connecticut Lake is home to rainbow and brook trout, lake trout and landlocked salmon. Third Lake is located a mile south of the US / Third-Connecticut-Lake-FireweedCanadian border along Route 3 in Pittsburg, NH. Surrounded by mountains and uninhabited shores, Third Lake is one of NH’s most pristine lakes with depths up to 110′.

There is a good boat launch with parking located along Route 3 approximately 12 miles north of Lopstick.


Fishing season opens on the lake April 1 and extends to September 30th. Ice fishing season is January 1 until March 31st.

Daily limits: Lake trout, 2 fish over 18″. Daily bag limit for lake trout and salmon is 2 fish (2 lake trout, two salmon, or 1 of each) Salmon, 2 fish over 15″ Trout, open water, 5 fish or five pounds whichever is reached first. Through the ice, 2 fish. No length limit.

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