The Upper Connecticut River

Headwaters of the Connecticut River

At the northern tip of New Hampshire you’ll find the headwaters of the mighty Upper Connecticut River. Starting as a trickle near the Canadian Fly Fishing the Upper Connecticut River Joeborder in Pittsburg, NH, the river forms a chain of lakes, the Connecticut Lakes, before making it’s 400 mile journey to Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The Connecticut Lakes are deep, cold water lakes, home to lake trout and landlocked salmon.

The river itself holds native brook trout, rainbow trout, and large brown trout. Landlocked salmon make their way into the river during spring spawning runs of bait fish and during their fall spawn. The river has fly-fishing only regulations on five miles of river. Most of the river from Lake Francis south is open to lure and bait as well. Two tail-water dams provide cold river water for miles downstream making summer fishing on the Connecticut River excellent.

The “Trophy Stretch” of the Connecticut River begins a mile south of the Cabins as Lopstick. This section of fly fishing only water is often written about in sporting magazines. With average flows of 150 to 300 cfs, the river is very wade-able.