Bill’s Fly Fishing Blog for July 21, 2013. The Cabins at Lopstick, Pittsburg NH

Good afternoon folks,

Stone Fly Nymph from the Upper Connecticut River

Stone Fly Nymph from the Upper Connecticut River

Well Thank You for hanging with us and checking in with us. Its been great to have the experience of spending time with you all. And as it is, it ain’t over yet. We’ve comethrough the heat wave and the weather is now gorgeous. We’ve been guiding a lot and have a great time putting people on some wonderful dry fly fishing. Everything from Elk Hair to Stimulator and your classic Cahills (go figure?) Hey, it’s been just a lot of fun and anytime, like I’ve said before when you can throw big bugs and have fish eat them that’s a great day.
“Stoneflies” there are tons of them, over 3500 species. Honestly, we don’t have that many but we a quite a few. Now we

Stone fly nymphs crawling

Stone fly nymphs crawling from the river onto a large rock.

been fishing the larger stonefly patterns. The larger adult stage of the Golden Stone”Perlidae” are in abundance in the upper stretches of the Connecticut river also we have, there not so abundant but much larger cousin Giant Stonfly “Pteronarcyidae” which is also a very close relative to the Salmon Fly which is found and very well known in the west.  With the faster moving and cold water temps they are easy to find and the trout love them. There is a lot of protein in each one of these bugs and certainly it would make a fish take notice. It would be like us diving into a Double Decker Cheeseburger, “or a whole Thanksgiving turkey if you where a 6 inch Brookie ” says Greg. You’d be surprised on what those fish will attack.

Where looking forward to more great dryfly action, Hoppers and Flying Ants are on the way.
PEACE    >~;””}}’>            BILL
Bill Bernhardt is an Orvis Endorsed fly fishing guide who guides anglers at the Cabins at Lopstick in Pittsburg, NH. Bill resides year round in Pittsburg with his wife Emily

Trohpy Stretch of the Connecticut River

Trophy Stretch of the Upper Connecticut River

and their two sons.

The Cabins at Lopstick specializes in North Woods adventures including fly fishing, moose watching, upland bird hunting, snowmobiling, and paddling the woods and waterways of Pittsburg NH. Boasting 43 cabins and efficiencies, Lopstick offers accommodations for everyone’s taste and budget. Visit online for to request a brochure or to make reservation at

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