Bill’s Fly Fishing Blog for July 6, 2013. The Cabins at Lopstick, Pittsburg NH

BUGGY and Muggy!!!!Wild flowers in bloom at Third Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg NH
Good evening all, June has past and quickly we’ve slid into July. Here we are almost through the first week, and still going strong.
Our weather has been hot and humid and almost everyday there has been at least a portion of rain, and for some folks that may be disheartening, but not for us. Here’s the silver lining, water levels and temps as of right now they’ve been great and the bugs have been popping everywhere.
I know the rest of the state has had high water but with the dams in the North Country and the situations down south our flows in the Trophy Stretch are down to normal and Caddis and Light Cahill have been fishing very consistent and water temps at 55 degrees. At Murphy Dam the flow is below 400 and temps at 54 degrees. There has been lots of Caddis and Cahills with a healthy supply of B.W.O’s . It’s a great time to be a dry fly fisherman, although not always the most productive, but it’s a lot of fun. Prior to this and in some section the water is up and still cool which as you all may gather have brought some nice fish in from the lakes. It’s crazy, all the weather and this and that. It’s so pleasant when you get the treat, the surprise, the reward we don’t see it everyday but we all deserve it.
We’re very fortunate, we’ve had many great trips and we are very thankful for our guest. They all have such great attitudes and are great to spend time with. Many of them are very open to suggestions which is great it allows us to tap into the vast variety of fishing opportunities up here, in the course of this week we’ve been from the Andro to the back country ponds and streams and literally everything in between.
Looking forward to it. We’ll see you all soon.
Tight Lines,     PEACE    >~;””}>
Bill Bernhardt is an Orvis Endorsed fly fishing guide who guides anglers at the Cabins at Lopstick in Pittsburg, NH. Bill resides year round in Pittsburg with his wife Emily and their two sons. The Cabins at Lopstick specializes in North Woods adventures including fly fishing, moose watching, upland bird hunting, snowmobiling, and paddling the woods and waterways of Pittsburg NH. Boasting 43 cabins and efficiencies, Lopstick offers accommodations for everyone’s taste and budget. Visit online at

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