Bill’s Fly Fishing Blog for October 8, 2013. The Cabins at Lopstick, Pittsburg NH

Good Evening one and all,

Eagle fishing the River

Eagle fishing the River

Fall has been upon us most recently. Sad to say, the large lakes are now closed to fishing and the rivers and trout ponds will be closed shortly (Oct 15th). With only one week left it makes you wonder where has the time gone, it’s hard to believe five months have past. Seems like yesterday we were out looking for our early Salmon to run and now where in the middle of our fall run of Salmon.
It is always interesting this time of year. The fishing goes through a transformation, the water flows are up and the days shorter and nights colder. The catch ratio has a tendency to slack up a little, but it is now augmented by the pursuit of “Salmo Salar ” the potential of one nice fish can often relieve the stress of everyday life. And it’s a totally different ball game, it’s not an easy pursuit but it ain’t rocket science either. These past few days we’ve had a large group in 16 gentlemen and to say the

Success on the Androscogging River

Success on the Androscogging River

least it was interesting. None the less and my point is quite a few of them had never fly fished before and the still caught fish and some nice Salmon also the largest being a beautiful 19 incher . Another gentleman landed 16 fish on a full day float. And a good time was had by all. We will continue to pound away and finish with a big hoorah. Looking forward to it all, although I never like the actual end of the season. Such it is this will also past.

PEACE, tight lines and let em run.
Good times and looking forward to more of them.
PEACE,  tight lines ,        BILL>~’}}’>

Androscoggin River in Fal

Androscoggin River in Fall

Bill Bernhardt is an Orvis Endorsed fly fishing guide who guides anglers at the Cabins at Lopstick in Pittsburg, NH. Bill resides year round in Pittsburg with his wife Emily and their two sons.

The Cabins at Lopstick specializes in North Woods adventures including fly fishing for trout and land-locked salmon, moose watching, upland bird hunting, snowmobiling, and paddling the woods and waterways of Pittsburg NH. Boasting 43 cabins and efficiencies, Lopstick offers accommodations for everyone’s taste and budget. Visit online at or call 1-800-538-6659

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