Northern New Hampshire Wildflowers

Paintbrushes, buttercups, clover and crown vetch growing in a field along Rte 3 near Cork Screw Hill in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.

Field of wildflowers growing near First Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.

Wildflowers are Nature’s gift to our eyes and Pittsburg, NH is dotted with wildflowers June through September.

July is a favorite time to collect wildflowers for an informal kitchen arrangement or for the picnic table. Daises are most abundant along roadways or in areas of rejuvenation. Paintbrushes, buttercups and crown vetch mix with roadside grasses. Wild orchids, pitcher plants and trillium can be found in Pittsburg.  A favorite spot to snap a wild flower photo is near the boat launch of Third Connecticut Lake. Here, purple Fireweed grows along the lakes edge and to roadside.

In August, Joe Pye Weed, a dusty pink, damp footed flower lines the banks of streams and roadside ditches. Joy Pye Weed grows in abundance just across Perry Stream from Riffles, Eastwind and Deer Meadow. Pearly Everlastings are short, white flowers which dry well and grow along most logging roads in Pittsburg. Collect a bouquet and hang upside down in a dark spot (like a shed or garage) for about a month to create a dried arrangement as a souvenir of your North Woods adventures.

Daisys and paintbrushes growing wild along US Rte 3 in Pittsburg, New Hampshire

Wildflowers growing along US Rte 3 in Pittsburg, New Hampshire

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Or while in Pittsburg, stop by our gift shop a grab a copy of Wildflowers of the White Mountains by John Hession and Valerie Michaud. Its a great read and field guide.

And then share your images of your wildflower finds with us on Facebook! See you in the posy patch!

-A very special Thank You to Wes Lavin for all the wonderful images he shares!

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