Sleep is over rated

Sleep deprived, slushy thoughts slowed, hard to push through as always it’s June. I often thought people who want the life of a guide. There’s a business there? It’s would be like going to a dude ranch. People would pay us to do our job. We would have free labor(even better they would pay us) and they the lucky few would be living the dream of a fly fishing guide. BRILLIANT!!! Long days, short nights, rambling only moving through buy sure momentum. Wild babbling. These are the things that we love and that’s why we do what we do. If your immersed in it only then you’ll understand the rants and raves of a lunatic angler and guide. Bugs taste good, alder flies are bland, Greg like B.W.O’s and I like 5 hr enengy’s they are my friend. I have to head out now. We’ll start it again and we’ll make new stories.

Peace, tight linesĀ  BILL>~;}}’>

Bill Bernhardt is an Orvis Endorsed fly fishing guide who guides anglers at the Cabins at Lopstick in Pittsburg, NH. Bill resides year round in Pittsburg with his wife Emily and their two sons.

The Cabins at Lopstick specializes in North Woods adventures including fly fishing, moose watching, upland bird hunting, snowmobiling, and paddling the woods and waterways of Pittsburg NH. Boasting 43 cabins and efficiencies, Lopstick offers accommodations for everyone’s taste and budget. Visit online at

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