Bear Hunting

Black bear inhabit our Great North Woods. The hunting season opens in September and lasts a little over two months. Black bears inhabit forested Black Bear Huntingareas with thick understory vegetation. Wetlands and riparian areas are important components of their habitat. Optimal habitat typically includes large tracks of forest with little human disturbance. Our area has .6 bear per square mile. The fall mast crop could create some exciting opportunities for bear hunters. Fall mast crops include raspberry, blackberry, chokecherry, mountain ash, acorn and apple.

Bears feed heavily in areas where these species are typically found including field edges, old clear cuts and along old woods roads. The key to success will be to scout out areas with the above-mentioned food sources and look for evidence of recent bear-feeding activity. If active bear sign is found in an area where available food remains, patience and persistence often equal success.

Sunday hunting is permitted in New Hampshire.