Deer Hunting

Northernmost NH’s rugged, mountainous terrain providesideal habitat for northern whitetail deer. Pittsburg’s 200,000 acres consist of dense Deer Hunting Vacation Package NHspruce forests, areas of clear cut, ample mountain streams, high mountain bogs, and the fertile Connecticut River valley. Numerous logging roads make the forest land accessible. Most all lands are open to the public for hunting thanks to our local timber company.

Pittsburg is known for its 200 lb+ bucks. The Indian Stream valley is a favorite of many big buck hunters. Many nice bucks have come from the Magalloway Mountain area. Snow comes early to NH’s north woods, which makes tracking deer much easier. Our area is apt to get snow on and off from mid-October on. We can suggest good areas for hunting as we spend a good amount of time in the woods in a year.

Sunday hunting is permitted in New Hampshire.

Northern NH Habitat Map