Grouse Hunting

The North Woods of New Hampshire are some of the best grouse cover in New England. Our terrain is mountainous but has river bottom, areas of Grouse Hunting in Pittsburg NHvarious stages of growth after logging, and numerous logging roads. Mountain ash, high bush cranberry, fern, raspberry, chokecherry and partridge berry are some of this area’s preferred grouse foods.

Look for areas with these food sources, a water supply, and protection from predators such as fir trees, and you will find grouse in the North Woods.

Grouse Feather

Best Time to Hunt

When is the best time to hunt grouse? There is not one answer. The first week of October is good because the birds are not yet used to hunters and dogs in the woods. There is an element of surprise opening week. The leaves are coming down this week. The second week of October is good. The weather is a bit cooler. This is the week of the Columbus Day Weekend and an extra day of hunting is always a bonus. Fishing season is open until October 15th so bring the fly rod and the 20 gauge. Also we are seeing flight woodcock at this time, usually best 7-20th depending on weather.

The week of the 20s (October 20-30) can have the highest daily flush rates for grouse. If there has been a cold snap and the trend is towards a few days of Indian summer (40-50 degree temperatures), the hunting can be outstanding. November and cold weather signal yet another change for grouse and their patterns change. When the snow comes, grouse are easy to track as their tracks are large and distinct and they sometimes drag their tail. Snow is hard on a hunting dog as their pads get packed with snow and depending on how long a dog’s leg is, deep snow and hunting over dogs does not work well. Edges of roads, walls, berms are excellent places to look for winter grouse and their tracks.

Grouse Hunting Season

The season for hunting grouse in  New Hampshire is October 1 to December 31. Sunday hunting is permitted in New Hampshire.

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