Woodcock Hunting

The North Woods are an excellent place to hunt resident and migratory woodcock. The ground dwelling bird makes its home on soft earth where it Woodcock-Huntingcan probe the ground for earthworms. Best choices for woodcock cover include alder swamps, along wood side freshets and ponds or young, regenerating forests.

Woodcock are a strong smelling bird ideal to hunt with dogs. Our season generally begins at or near the beginning of October and runs for most of the month. When is the best time to hunt in Pittsburg for woodcock? Generally from the season opening until late October. Our weather turns cold by late October and frost will start to set into the ground generally by late October – early November. The birds leave before the ground freezes and cuts off their supply of worms. We have a strong population of resident woodcock in early October so even if the flight birds are not in, woodcock hunting is still very good.

Sunday hunting is permitted in New Hampshire.