NH Snowmobile Registration

We sell NH snowmobile registrations and Pittsburg Ridge Runner club memberships in our front office. New Hampshire requires snowmobiles to be registered. There is no trailNH Snowmobile and Trails Pittsburg user fee in NH. Registrations are available in the office at the Lodge. To register you will need a valid driver’s license, your sled’s vehicle identification number, and your sled’s info such as make, model, color, etc. NH requires that you acknowledge it is illegal to drink and drive a snowmobile. Penalties include loss of driver’s license.

Snowmobile club membership is required in NH. Pittsburg Ridge Runner club memberships are available at the lodge. Support the club that grooms the trails!

2015 Snowmobile Registration Fees

$66.00 with club membership, $96.00 without membership

$86.00 with club membership, $116.00 without membership

For more information on snowmobile registrations for your trip to Pittsburg, call us at 603-538-6659. Payment for registration and club membership must be cash or check.

**Please note: we do not know locations of other snowmobile registering agents south of Pittsburg NH.