Snowmobile Rental Rates
Lopstick Lodge Pittsburg, New Hampshire



Daily Rental
3 or More Days
Single MXZ Ace 600
4 Stroke Ski Doo
Double Grand Touring Ace 600
4 Stroke or 2 Stroke Ski Doo GT

Rental Hours 8 am to 5 pm
Late Return Charge; $25.00 per quarter hour
Extended rental hour for Lopstick Lodge guests

Security Deposit and Reservation Deposit
* A deposit of $100.00 per snowmobile on advance reservations is required at the time of scheduling to reserve a snowmobile.
*A $1000.00 security deposit is required on the day of rental for each snowmobile rented. The security deposit can be either cash or credit card.

Rental Clothing and Accessories
*We have a limited number and sizes of bibs, jackets, gloves, and boots. Jacket and/or Bibs $12.00/ day, Boots $7.00/ day, Gloves $7.00/ day, or Complete Outfit $25.00/ day. Snowmobile helmets and trail maps are included in the snowmobile rental. 

 Cancellation Policy
* Two (2) weeks notice must be given for full refund. If less than two weeks notice is given, we will refund your deposit if we are able to re-rent the snowmobile you reserved or if on the date reserved there is no snow for snowmobiling.

You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid drivers license.
No passengers under 6 years of age.
Alcohol and drugs are not to be used while operating a snowmobile.

What to Bring 
* A Warm Jacket or Parka
* Snow Pants or Bibs
* Warm Gloves or Mittens
* Warm Boots
* Extra Socks
* Thermal Underwear
* Layered clothing such as turtle necks, sweaters, and/or sweatshirts
Balaclava or head sock
suggested list only, use good judgment

We reserve the right to deny service to anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs or someone improperly dressed.

Snowmobile Rental Rates for Pittsburg NH