Snowmobiling in New Hampshire’s Great North Woods

Pittsburg is a winter wonderland! Deep winter snow and dedicated, hard-working snowmobile club members make Pittsburg, NH a premier New England winter destination. With over 170 inches of annual snowfall, Pittsburg is blessed with deep snow from Christmas to the first week in April. Our trails connect to Vermont, Maine, and


Pittsburg, NH
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Feels Like: 34°F
Humidity: 67%
Wind: NW at 11 mph
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Quebec for an unequalled variety of riding.We offer cozy cabin accommodations, current model year Ski Doo Snowmobile Rentals, and outdoor clothing rentals. Ride from your cabin on miles of freshly groomed snow. Deer and moose are commonly seen along the trails. Drive to a high mountain peak for breathtaking views of our areas mountains and lakes.

We invite you to join us this winter for a North Woods snowmobiling adventure!